TED Talk is a convent during one week held twice a year in the USA. People holding speeches in front of an audience. Speeches with “ideas worth spreading”, as they put it themselves. Peoples such as Bill Gates, Barack and Michelle Obama, Jamie Oliver has held speeches at the convent.
TED equals Technology, Entertainment, Design. Attendees have described it as “The ultimate brain SPA”. These speeches is videotaped and put on a Webb page for everyone to listen to. And we do in school. The students really love them.
This particular project is put together by two teachers at Årstaskolan for their students, mostly six graders. In Swedish. We will do them in English. Our six graders in our school will do them in Swedish. We will as the original also video tape it.

So, once again you are very welcome. Let’s start listen to our fabulous students and their remarkable speeches.


  1. Sara Marefat
  2. Alva Pettersson
  3. Avan Goran
  4. Linnea Olsson
  5. Mathias Walhström
  6. Jasmine Aziz
  7. Hasti
  8. Jiannis Zois
  9. Matti Sultanhamid
  10. Darvan Najeh
  11. Samuel Rosén
  12. Felix Melander
  13. Marina Andric
  14. Isabella Jansson
  15. Alva Sahlin
  16. Seth Jirmeus Vårell
  17. Shabo Yaro
  18. Erik Osterling
  19. Jonathan Andersson
  20. Denize Kerr Karmgård
  21. Moa Jarrko Lindeman
  22. Nancy Amarjogi
  23. Denize Cederbrand
  24. Angeli Li
  25. Roman Kunteleev
  26. Andreas Jordan Åhnström
  27. Samir Noory
  28. Sanna Liljestrand
  29. Julia Ferreira Jansson