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Podcasts from the moon

Podcasts from the moon

För att utveckla sin förmåga i engelska har eleverna i sexan fått göra poddar från månen. Eftersom Earth Hour närmar sig har alla poddar även med ett budskap för att vi tillsammans ska kunna hjälpas åt för att ta hand om vår planet.
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  1. Ladder R

    I think that it was fun that you acted like that you actually were on the moon. You were creative beacause you read as one quotes and other stuff. I liked your earth hour message.

  2. Casper

    I think this was a werry creative podcast. It was fun to listen to. I great way to promote earth hour.

  3. Ludde R

    I liked that you were like interviewing each other. You were creative because you were looking from another perspective.

  4. Ladder R

    Hi again

  5. Ludde R

    I liked that you formulated it to a story. You were creative beacause you used a lot of modalities.

  6. Ludde R

    I liked it beacause you were constantly asking each other how they thought. You were creative beacause you were diving in to the austronauts perspectives.

  7. Ville

    To Fabian and David. Your podcast was really good and interesting to listen to. Your distribution off the invierment was really good I would get many inside pictures while listening to the pod.

  8. Simon

    I think that Nick,Noah and Casper have a god accent and pronounced the words. I like the way these guys performed cus they are very specific and creative I think that the earth hour message was good and a think many people are going to listen carful and think to not do the things the hat our past did.

  9. Yakup

    It was pretty exciting to listen to this podd and i liked the fact that you seriously acted that you were on the moon. You were creative becuase you took it to the next level with that when you comeback to Earth that you will experiment with the dust and stones. Your way to show your Earth hour message at the very end was very good. I liked that you telled that if someone of us didn’t turned off all electricity you can do something else like go to the school the hole year.

  10. Olivia TJ

    This podcast was really good beacause it was really creative and fun listening to. I thought it was creative because all the sounds you guys did made it feel like you were on the moon for real. Your earth hour message is really good and it’s true that we can do it better together.

  11. Ludwig H

    That I did like about in the podcasts from the moon was that you had a lot of experience in the pods and that you talked about earth hour.A think that everyone was creative because everyone talked Just like mush.

  12. Felicia

    I think the podcasts that I have listen to is very good. In the most podcasts the message to earth hour came directly came forward. And there was so different (which is positive). I learned some new words that handled about the moon and about space. It was impressive hoc creative many was! For example play that they where out in the space on a trip or something similar. I also got shocked how good accent many had! I mean, English is a hard language because you need to have a special accent that we don’t have in Sweden.

    I can se that many of you spend a lot of time to do this podcast so you could post it and be proud and satisfied. I hope all of you where proud of the work that you made. If you don’t, you should be.
    // Felicia

  13. Axel Östergren

    To Patrick and Elias. I think your podcast was really fun and that it was creative in a way I haven’t seen before and that made the podcast very unique.

  14. Axel Östergren

    To Patrick and Elias. I think your podcast was really funny and that it was really unique in a special way.

  15. Max

    It was a great pod you had a lot to talk about and it was fun to listen.
    I think the most creative thing about your pod was with the spanner.
    I think your earth hour message was good you said that we could do it together.

  16. Andrea

    I liked this pod very much because it was very creative. Your earth hour massage was really good.

  17. Andrea

    I think this pod was very creative and good. The earth message was very good and creative too.

  18. Förmodligen: David 6a

    I think all podcasts was were good with a important message.


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